Thursday, September 3, 2009

San-X Rilakkuma Relax Bear Lunch Set

San-X Rilakkuma Relax Bear 2 tier Bento / Lunch Set (100% Brand New and Genuine!)


2-tiers Bento Box : 5.3" x 4" x 3.3"

Lunch Bag : 9" x 10" x 4.2"

Cutlery Case : 7" x 3.3" x 0.6"

Spoon / Fork : 5.4" (L)

Chopstick : 6.4" (L)


- Brand New and Genuine San-X Product

- Bento Box Cutlery is made of High Quality PVC , microwave OK with lid removed .

- Cutlery is made of High Quality Stainless , PVC

- Bag is made of High Quality PVC , Velcro closure on the top , 1 zipper pocket inside

San-X Rilakkuma Tote Bag

From Rilakkuma "simple and colorful cloth goods series"
The design is very cute to carry for shopping, beach or to school! The bag closure has with magnetic button with metal fasteners.
Inside the bag, the design is so colorful patterned fabrics are pretty embroidered initials in a beautiful part.
It also has a mascot initial metal. The bottom is made of stain-resistant synthetic leather and the inside bag have a convenient zipper pockets.

Size: 220 × 400 × 160mm approx

Material: synthetic leather made of canvas with
embroidered crosscut

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Aranzi Snack Containers

Aranzi Boy Snack Containers
The top container is called Saru-Kodomo, the bottom right is Kuma-Kodomo and the left is Warumono-Kodomo

Aranzi Girl Snack Containers
The top container is called Usagis, the bottom right is Kuro-Usagi Kodomo and the left is Shiro-Usagi Kodomo

Aranzi Girl Snack Containers
The top container is called Hitsuji, the bottom right is Shiro-Neko Kodomo and the left is Kapa-Chan

Dimensions : about 7 cm (diameter) x 6.5 cm (height)

Materials : Body - Polypropylene
Lids - Polyethylen

Originally Made in Japan.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Sandwich Collapsible Lunch Box
Note : Can be open flat on the bottom for easy storage

Snoopy Lunch Bag / Tote Bag

Lunch Box - Medium Size

Lunch Box with Tight Seal on the side and comes with 2 divider containers

Snoopy chopsticks with case

This is a very cute Snoopy Collections Lunchboxes and Accessories.
Imported and Originally Made in Japan

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Special design from collection of Linda Linda. This is a very cute design of school bus for children to use for lunch time at cafeteria. It comes with a 2-tier lunch box, a spoon, a fork, chopsticks and a matching lunch bag with school bus face.
Imported from Japan.

2-tier Lunchbox : size : 16(W) x 8.5(D) x 8.5(H) cm
capacity : 320ml (top), 240ml (lower)

A very cute school bus lunch bag. Imported from Japan.
Size : 26(W) x 11(D) x 12(H) cm
Material : Polyester

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


This is a cooling and heating lunch bag for your bento/lunch boxes.
Color : Red and Light Blue
Size : Approx 13.3" x 11.4" x 3.9"


Beautiful Urara Sakura Yellow Color Bento Set
Size : 2-tier bento ( top-330ml & bottom-250ml ),
bento bag ( 3" x 7"x 7"H )
Set : 2-tier lunch box, bento bag, belt, fork & case ( 9 pieces set )